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Give love
“Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way.”

Christmas Eve.
A little girl, with a handful of matches in her red hand, curled up in the corner. The day became darker and colder, but she still didn’t sell out any matches. Thinking about her ill younger brother, she had to walk back to the frigid street to seek for customer again.

How she wanted to buy her brother a Christmas gift! Although it would be much inexpensive, it must include her deep love. But how could she get one?

The whole street was rampant with happy songs. But all of these could not attract the girl at all. Her eyes were fixed on the glove in a shopwindow.
“How warm it is! If Nick can wear it, he can’t be sick any more.” Our lovely girl soliloquized. But she also knew even if she sold out all her matches she couldn’t pay for this. So, just let her take another glimpse.

In the meantime, a little boy who was in magnificent clothes, was asking his mother to buy him a model aeroplane. Suddenly, he was touched by the longing in the girl’s eyes. He never saw that before, but it was so beautiful that he thought that must be the most wonderful things in the world. Therefore, he decided to buy it at once.

Strange as his mother it was, she finally granted his wish. When the glove was taken away from the girl’s eyes, she was so disappointed, but she only had to go.

At the time that the boy’s mother was getting onto the carriage, he ran quickly to the front of the girl. And all he said was just :”Here is the glove.” Then regardless of the girl’s surprised look, he got into the carriage in a hurry.

The little girl froze up, after a while, when she realized what has happened to her, she couldn’t help jumping and laughing. Her dream has come true, and her brother’s dream has come true.

What a kind boy he was! How wonderful the world it was! Now she could almost imagine how excited Nick would be. This inexpensive Christmas gift, however, lighted their life light. So, just like the boy gave love to the girl, the girl gave love to her brother. Then, here comes the meaning of the glove: give love.

No matter whom you’ll give love to, your relatives, your friend or even just a stranger, it is not important any more. You just need to send glove to them, without any words. Because, it is not only standing for “Merry Christmas”, but they also can feel love flow through their body.

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