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I am a sundress addict. Every summer, I can’t help but buy at least one new sundress every time I go shopping. I love how cool they are, and how girly they make you feel. For me, Victoria’s Secret produces sundresses with the best combination of edge and chic for summer. This year, Sinful has done it again with a few irresistible pieces, all at very affordable prices.

The first dress that caught my eye was the Smocked Strapless Dress. This cute, flowing, strapless dress is made of cotton. It is gathered at the top and ruffled at the bottom, for a super-girly feel. This fun, cool dress comes in a black with pink abstract organic shapes, or a colorful striped pattern. And the best news: this dress is only $55.

The Victoria’s Secret Tie-Dye Halter Bra Top dress is another sundress from Victoria’s Secret that caught my eye this year. I am not usually a fan of tie-dye, but for this dress Victoria’s Secret has taken a chapter out of the couture handbook: the chapter that says less is more. Light pastel colors and white on a simple halter dress create a simple, chic effect that even I found appealing. And this dress is only $40.

Sundresses and t-shirts are not often something that go hand in hand, but the Little Tee Dress by Victoria’s Secret is a dress that just works. And it works very well. This slim dress has a super-feminine silhouette, and the short sleeves create a relaxed, youthful feel. This dress manages sexy in a fun, girly way. It comes in a large variety of colors and prints, each for only about $48.

The Printed Beach Dress by Victoria’s Secret is a classic sundress that every year, I cannot resist. This year, the print that caught my eye the most was a sort of animal-skin turquoise print that was very sophisticated. It was a nice pairing with a simple cotton mix sundress with gold O-rings on the straps. This lovely dress is only $50.

Victoria’s Secret definitely has sexy figured out. Each summer, this company combines their usual body-complimenting sex appeal with a fun, light youthful air for some of the cutest sundresses available anywhere. These sundresses are cute, sexy, and comfortable – everything a woman needs for summer. And each year, I can’t resist buying a couple of them. Who would be able to, after all?

Hermes is always linked with the words of high class, elegance and magnificence. Remarkable Hermes handbags are famous for their unique structure, bold colors and spectacular exteriors. And the most famous series of Hermes are of course the Kelly and Birkin bags whose international popularity is considerable. Here is the legend of Hermes Kelly bags.

Hermes Kelly bags are named to the famous actress Grace Kelly. Due to hide her pregnancy to the public, Grace Kelly use the big Hermes bag to conceal her bulging belly. But the secret was known to more and more people around the world and so this big Hermes bags are called as Hermes Kelly bags. In the later years, most female stars are following this behavior and pictures of the actress hiding her pregnancy with her handbag were spread all over the fashion world. So the Kelly bags are beginning well known by every woman who is in the favor of handbags.

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Today’s Kelly bags are with the various styles and patterns to carter different tastes and different personalities. Celebrities are particularly those who are keen on the Kelly bags and Victoria Beckham is the typical model who has the widest collection of the Hermes Kelly bags in the world.