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Miu Miu 2010 spring and summer denim handbags

In this summer, is denim still in the popular trendy field? Or else why there are so many famous brands still launching denim single products? In this season, Miu Miu also introduces oblique chequer handbag. But I do not know if it is same wildly matched like jeans.



Miu Miu fur handbags in autumn and winter

In autumn and winter, Ms. Miuccia uses Miu Miu to perfectly interpret the classic Paris fashion, and the new fur handbag series disseminates the charm of the bourgeoisie fully.

As the main element of winter, fur is given a vintage temperament in the middle of last century by her. The material it exposes outside and the bag dotted with thin fabric look so unique and they have a kind of winter luxury without obvious seasonal fashion breath.

Although Jean Paul Gaultier also designed the fur handbags, Givenchy decorated shoes with fur, however, Miu Miu uses different fine fur materials to show the classic bag style. Miu Miu does not add cumbersome and complex decorative design. The color texture of fur adds the fun and interest to this classic handbag.



Miu Miu 2009 new beautiful handbags

In spring and summer of 2009, Miu Miu launched several new handbags, and they are all used friendly. With the lively design and exquisite detail, a lot of stars buy the bags, and it is quiet fashionable and convenient when going shopping outside.

This large scales graffiti bag has the dual-strap design which gives you more convenience. The large model can play a significant role in making you look thinner. The dark brown is low-key and subtle, widely matched with others.

Ashley Olsen’s prominent black dress matches with this bag quite well, which sets off her petite figure. Matched with the black dress, though this big brown bag is not eye-catching and doesn’t have bright colors, it is still obvious against the black background, particularly its large volume.