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Now the weather is obviously get warmer and warmer, all that I want to do is going on a road trip. It will be great to have a road trip in such a nice and pleasing weather. Since the Spring break is just past not long ago, my internal clock is still in the relax spring time. Why can’t the Spring Break be all year long? Haha. Another reason why I’m crazy about a new road trip is I really want to show off my choice for road trip of a Louis Vuitton Keepall 50 Nomade bag.


Louis Vuitton released this stalwart of weekend and light packed long haul travel, the keepall 50, in Louis Vuitton’s most luxurious leather, Nomade. This travel bag is a fantasy piece for me. Though Louis Vuitton is famous for its monogrammed handbags, but for those who are non-monogrammed lovers, this bag is definitely a great bomb. For me, I only want to zero in on it and obsess with it. This bag is with all the usual aspects of that you could see on a classic one, such as brass hardware, side slip pocket, roomy yet practical for carry on, brass padlock and keys, double zips, inside zip pocket and Nomade Leather Luggage tag.

There may be one thing you are a little difficult to fathom is the bag is a really unisex bag. It is too neutral that even it is listed within the women’s bags; it is actually with firmly masculine features, both in its design and interpretation in Nomade leather. And what is more, it offers no long shoulder strap, which means you have to carry it by hand and hand held is really a more masculine way to carry bag.

However, no matter how strange the design of it is, both you and me can’t deny the charming of it. And I really wouldn’t regret to carry it on my road trip. If you want to have one Louis Vuitton Keepall 50 Nomade bag, you can take a look at the louis vuitton outlet, where offers much cheaper products. Likewise, you could also have the bag with same design and appearance from louis vuitton replica handbags. Come on, get one and take the advantage of the good weather, start the road trip with me now!